The M Apartments: Impressive, Expensive

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The M Apartments

I love downtown and I’m not the only one. The completion of the “M” apartments marks the end of the largest construction project in downtown since Walt Worthy finished his masterpiece, The Grand. The building that was once a Bon Marche` department store has been gutted and repurposed into approximately 114 living units and I was afforded the opportunity to check it out. It is impressive to say the least. I got the text way too early one morning but it caught my attention having  been asked to accompany a friend as her “plus one” to an influencers’ event being held on the swanky rooftop deck to get a firsthand look at what the buzz is all about.  

The management and leasing team behind The M had the foresight to see that the best way to get the word out about their jewel in the heart of downtown starts with those around town most likely to share their experience. In some cases that meant thousands of followers on social media while in my case that’s simply whoever will listen. The evening began on the rooftop, the main attraction the M is banking on to be the cherry on top of this addition to residential living options swiftly becoming available in downtown.

The Tour

Everything about the M screams class and modern significance. The views seem endless from the roof while floor to ceiling windows featured in the units were pretty great as well. The party moved inside to one of the four penthouse units where all in attendance were treated to a briefing on this Summer’s hottest fashion trends by one of Nordstrom’s expert fashion buyers. A tour of the corner Penthouse facing north and east featuring a private deck with stunning views overlooking the park was our final stop of the evening. We arrived just before sunset and stayed until close to ten o’clock taking in all that the M has to offer.

Considering the location and sheer magnitude of the project, the building is inherently set apart from the rest. There are amenities galore that residents will find once tenants and businesses get all moved in. At a price point around $2 a square foot, the M is clearly targeting a higher income bracket. It is hard not to be amazed with the finished product; however I am not sold. As with most residential options in downtown the parking situation won’t be a positive to prospective renters. 

That said, the most evident downfall in my eyes has to be the clear money grab taking place with rents being justified by little more than location and views. Let me be clear, the views to the north and east are breathtaking. Sadly, the views to the east are a letdown to say the least. What should have been the crown jewel of the property — the rooftop deck —  lacked a clear “wow” factor that could have been resolved with features I feel many future residents would be drawn to (community garden area, telescopes/lookouts, or unique seating/dining areas).

Downtown needs more residential units. This fact is not even up for discussion with rental occupancy rates well over 94%. The M will fill to occupancy and work out any kinks that should arise as time goes on. High quality materials, excellent craftsmanship, amenities and, above all, unbeatable location will continue to set it apart from the rest of what Spokane has to offer.  The building is gorgeous. The team in place to manage is incredibly talented and will prove to be the deciding factor as to why the M will ultimately be a success. The swag bag from the party was pretty sweet too; I’d never done a charcoal face mask before.

Until next time. Cheers. – Mike.


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